Foglcan 2

Fogclan is loving and loyal. They all love their families and there is never any infighting. They live beside the mountain on which Mountainclan lives on, and lives beside the rain forest were Rainclan lives. They live by: Rainclan, Mountainclan, and Waterclan. They live where a lot of fog is.



  • Waterstar - a silver,gray tabby she-cat with dazzling water blue eyes.


Medicine CatEdit

  • Fuzz- A black tom with really fuzzy fur. Dark green eyes. Roleplayed by: Cheshire


  • Skyflight- A white tom with black on his paws like mittens. Blue eyes.
  • Treebark- A brown tom with green eyes and white paws.
  • Nightflight- A beautiful she-cat with marvalouse blue eyes.



You can roleplay on chat if an admin says its alright to. Remember no bullying or harassment!

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