Author: Hazeleye
Cinderheart and Cinderpelt

I was born when Cinderpelt died; during a vicious badger attack. From the moment I was born, I was never my own person. I was merely a reincarnation of the former Thunderclan medicine cat. Starclan gave her a second chance because her life was "unfair". Well before I tell you my story, let me tell you Cinderpelt's...

Cinderpelt was born to my grandmother Frostfur, and possibly a warrior named Whitestorm. She was my father's sister, making her my aunt (that confuses me because I'm my own niece in a sort of logic but whatever). As a kit she was always hyper and jittery like I was. When she was 6 moons old she became an apprentice along with my father, Brackenfur. Her mentor was my leader, Firestar. However back then he was Fireheart, a young warrior. Cinderpelt was in love with him since the moment she became his apprentice. She always tried to please him, so one day when the former Thunderclan leader, Bluestar, was extremely ill with greencough the deputy back then, Tigerclaw, had set a trap for Bluestar by the Thunderpath. He told Fireheart that Shadowclan had been hunting on their territory and that Bluestar needed to come and see for herself.

Fireheart explained to Tigerclaw that Bluestar was too sick to come and that after he was done collecting catmint for her, he would go look at it. Eager to please her mentor and try to win his affections, Cinderpaw offered to pass on the message. Fireheart denied her help, but that wouldn't stop Cinderpaw. She went to Tigerclaw to pass on the message that Fireheart was too busy to send. No one knew that it was trap for Bluestar to kill her. Cinderpaw was hit by a monster shattering, not only the bones in her leg, but her hopes and dreams as well. Cinderpaw knew from that moment, she would never become a warrior...

She felt like a burden to the clan, having no use, practically spending her days in the medicine cat den. Yellowfang, the medicine cat at the time, had no apprentice and was watching Cinderpaw learn the herbs and help out. She talked to Bluestar about making Cinderpelt her apprentice and the leader thought it was a great idea. Therefore Cinderpaw became a medicine cat apprentice. That meant she could never have a mate or kits.

She stayed close friends with Firestar, which was torture. Every day, watching the tom she loved living his life, loving a little more each day until it drove her crazy, but she could never have him