Mountainclan 2

MountainClan is strong and brave, they don't reflect on the past and don't worry about the future, they are only focused on what's happening at the moment. They live on a mountain by: RainClan, Waterclan, & FogClan. None of the other clans live on the mountain with them, only close to them.


Leader: Edit

Foxstar - A dark red tom with white stripes & blue eyes


Firestream - A silver she-cat with blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Edit

Cloudnose - A she-cat with gray fur & white spots with yellow eyes


Oakwhisper - A she-cat with brown fur with brown eyes

Shadowglare - A tom with piercing blue eyes

Mistypebble - A she-cat with a silver coat with black spots and blue eyes

Thorntail - A tom with a brown coat with a black foot with green eyes

Graystream - A gray she-cat with blue eyes




Graystream - A gray she-cat with blue eyes; She is expecting her kits in 5 moons

Elders: Edit

Birdeye - A tom with a black & gray coat with yellow eyes & has a scar above his right eye

Spottedfoot - A she-cat with brown spotted paws, white coat with blue eyes, & has one torn ear


You can also RP on chat when admins say it's ALRIGHT. If you do it without an admin permission can result in kickban.

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