Current Clan:


Past Clan:



Kit: Rainkit
Apprentice: Rainpaw
Warrior: Rainbreeze


Mother: Mistpelt
Father: Unknown
Sister: Darksky
Brother: Unknown
Mate: Unknown

Current Rank:

Senior Warrior





Rainbreeze. w.png

Rainbreeze is a long legged, lean, blue gray she cat with silver legs and a silver tipped tail, orange eyes and muscular shoulders


Rainbreeze was born to Firestorm and Mistpelt. Firestorm was a Fireclan cat, the deputy of Fireclan. At this time a young warrior. Mistpelt was a Rainclan warrior. The two met in secret every night, until Mistpelt told Firestorm that she was going to have kits. Her clan didn't know the father until she kitted. She kitted on Fireclan territory. Both clans found out, but Firestorm was still kept as deputy. Those times where hard times for Rainclan, so Hawkstar had plans for Mistpelt. He wasn't a bad leader, he was starting to be paraniod in those times and was also an older leader, so he couldn't handle these things. Rainclan was weak that time because of three cats' betrayal. They formed a group and attacked their own clan. One of them was deputy, who had ambition to become leader. Hawkstar just couldn't trust. Mistpelt had three kits; two she cats and a tom. The first she cat was night black, with pale green eyes. She was named Darkkit. The brother of Rainbreeze is currently unknown. The last one was Rainkit. The leader of Fireclan demanded the tom and Darkkit over, so they were raised in Fireclan. Rainkit stayed with her mother.