Skydawn Edit

Skydawn is a mottled, gray she-cat with sightless sea blue eyes, a white chest, a white triangle that reaches down, a scar on her flank and a scar on her shoulder, one gray leg and white toes on her left foot.


Current Clan Starclan

Past Clan Duskclan


Mother- Unknown

Father- Unknown

Sister- Mintleaf (roleplayed by Leopardpath), Fernwind(Deceased, recarnated as Berrykit) (roleplayed by Pinkie050)

Mate- Skyfur (Deceased, Verified Starclan Member)


Skydawn is a Duskclan warrior. She was blinded by her sister (accidentally) when Mintleaf found out Shadowstar didn't love her. She didn't tell the clan right away, but every cat found out. Every cat looked at her differently except for Skyfur, who still loved her. She was forced to sleep in her own den, with Skyfur occasionally joining her. One day, her and Skyfur went down to the lake for some fresh air, but they were attacked by a group of cats, consisting of Cavestone, Blazeheart, and some other cats. Cavestone pushed Skydawn into the lake, and Skydawn began to drown until Echostorm--who had come to the rescue with Red and two other unidentified warrior-- pulled her out. While Skydawn tried to catch her breath, Echostorm was pulled away by Blazeheart, thus leaving Skydawn unattended. Her breath became slower until it stopped all together. Sadly, her peaceful afternoon with her mate left them both in the paws of Starclan. She wasn't alone when she reached Starclan, because her loyal mate Skyfur had joined her too. But her story is not so sad, as now, she can finally watch her clan from a point of veiw no cat could dream of.

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