Starclan is where warrior ancestors of the Clans who live on in spirit form after dying. They watch over the living Clan cats. There is no leader of Starclan, its a bunch of cats who are from the four clans that live in harmony together in the stars. After all living cats forget one who has passed away to Starclan, they begin to fade away, and get the peaceful rest they deserve. Every cat that beleives in StarClan goes there, unless they had done something horrible that has broken the code. If so, they are rejected by Starclan and go to the Dark Forest, where traitors and shameful cats go. However, if they did so, and beleived it was what was best for their clan, they do go to Starclan. Other cats, such as loners and rogues who don't beleive in starclan do not go to Starclan when the die. It is unknown where they go.