Swiftpool is a dark gray she-cat with silver tabby stripes with golden eyes. She is the new Medicine Cat Apprentice of Duskclan.



Mate- Rushclaw


Swiftpool is a loving, gentle she-cat, who always wanted to be a medicine cat. Even though she has a mate, she took the possision as MCA. When her mentor, Fernwind, died from being bit by a snake, she took up the position of official medicine cat. However, she was expecting Rushclaw's kits, so in leaf-bare she secretly sneaked out of camp to start kitting. She had three kits. The first two were toms, but the first one was born dead. SHe had another small white tom, which she named Whitekit, and a small dark brown she-cat with a frightening reseblence to Fernwind, her past mentor. Since she was to tramatized from her mentors death, she decided to name her Berrykit, for her berry blue eyes. She entrusted Mintleaf with the kits in order to stay medicine cat and hide the secret of the kits.


Mentor(s)- Smallnose, Fernwind Apprentice- Applepaw

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