Waterclan is swift and hyper. They are great at catching fish and are fast at it. The are sleek and soft, they swim a lot to get across there river they live by. The live in between Mountainclan and Rainclan, they live by a river witch that is were they catch there prey in. They live by: RainClan, MountainClan, and FogClan.



  • Rainstar - a beautiful blue-gray she-cat with bright green eyes. Role played by: Rainfacestar


  • None

Medicine CatEdit

  • None


  • Blueheart - broad shouldered, blue gray she cat with blue eyes. RP by: Stoneclaw33


  • Tigerpaw - broad shouldered, muscular, dark brown tabby tom, with amber eyes (RP by: Stoneclaw33)


You can roleplay on chat if an admin says its alright to.

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